Thanks for visiting my webpage.  I’m a fish ecologist and currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Research Interests Joe

I examine patterns and test hypotheses regarding the causes and consequences of the distribution, abundance, and movement of aquatic organisms. This includes determining the distribution and movement of aquatic organisms (e.g., alewife, striped bass, blue catfish, crayfish and Pacific salmon) using telemetry and relating these movements to environmental factors that cause them to stay or move. I also examine the relationship between ecological drivers and fish (assemblages and populations), including environmental heterogeneity (e.g., the effect of beaver dams on fish assemblages), abiotic gradients (e.g., the effect of temperature on the distribution of juvenile Atlantic salmon), and anthropogenic activities (e.g., the effect of human dams on fish assemblages).


Twitter: @FishProphet